NEW YORK - High oil prices and falling real estate values are hurting Americans, but the current economic downturn is also hitting the wealthy, according to a report. Americans are driving less, entertaining less, vacationing less, and spending less on groceries, according to the survey conducted for CNBC television station and Portfolio magazine, which interviewed 801 adults between June 19-21, 2008. Of those surveyed, an overwhelming 73 per cent said they were driving less to do errands and day-to-day activities, compared with 25 per cent who said they were not going to alter their driving habits. Sixty-eight per cent said they were spending less on out-of-home entertainment, including dining out and going to movies or concerts. But 31 per cent said they were continuing such entertainment spending as before. Vacations are also taking a hit, with 68 per cent of those questioned saying they are travelling or planning to travel less. Only 31 per cent said they were continuing to travel as before. And a majority of those polled said they would not believe the economy will get better soon, with 63 per cent rating the economy as "poor" and 43 per cent saying it would get worse over the next year. Only 27 per cent said the economy would remain about the same and 21 per cent believed it would actually improve.