Some are born great, some pretend to be great and some have greatness thrusted upon them. But great are those who are modest and silent in great deeds. I am certain General Pervaiz Kayani, with the passage of time, would repair the Pak army whom the people of Pakistan love from their hearts. I would especially request him to give some thought to the predicament of ex-servicemen who work as estate brokers, security agents, traders, businessmen etc. Their personal conduct impacts the army even after their retirement. The dictators, for the sake of their political purposes, encourage them to act like members of the 'Gora Raj' with iron in their souls and neck. That is why they behave as if they are superior to their civilian brethren. This must end now, as we are all equal Pakistanis. I would humbly request the Chief of the Army Staff to decimate this syndrome. Despite saying the same prayers five times a day, they think of themselves high and mighty and inaccessible as compared to the civilians. Even their servants act superior and insult civil neighbors because they think the army would protect them. I would request the noble Army Chief to have this practice stopped. The army officers should be banned from mentioning their ex-ranks in their writings on political or social issues in mass dailies. They may mention ex-ranks while writing on military subjects. Why should they not feel a part of the mainstream polity? -OMAR O. ALI, Karachi, via e-mail, June 18.