KARACHI - The City Monday experienced yet another day of water and power crises as the Karachi Electric Supply Corporation resorted to hours long loadshedding to meet 600-megawatt shortfall as WAPDA had reduced the supply to only 280MW instead of 400MW. Unscheduled and prolonged power outages by Karachi Electric Supply Corporation (KESC) have rendered the scorching summer stricken Karachiites miserable. The ongoing power crisis turned ever severer due to cut off supply from Wapda and KANUPP. Currently Karachi is facing a total shortage of 600 MW electricity and there is only one solution with KESC to manage the shortage i.e. load-shedding. The company is carrying out loadshedding for 6 to 8 hours in the city, sources told The Nation. Industrialists, businessmen, shopkeepers and traders also complained of having suffered heavy losses on account of power cuts. Most of them said that the KESC complaint centres were non-responsive as nobody would attend the telephone or give a satisfactory reply if they at all, bothered to respond. Meanwhile, reports from different parts of the City said that the areas that had suffered more than 10 hours of power breakdown in a stretch on Saturday and Sunday continued to undergo load-shedding of three-four hours in three or more spells on Monday. In several localities of Lyari, KESC complaint centre staff had stayed away from their place of work sensing danger of attacks from angry consumers. Power supply also remains suspended from KANUPP. Work is underway to fix the plant and power supply will be restored from in the next few days, said KESC sources. They, however, said they are unable to give any final-time frame in this regard. Loadshedding for so long time in the city like Karachi, the financial capital of the Pakistan, was harmful for the whole country as such a problem in an economic hub would affect millions of the people in other parts as well, said a local businessman. Meanwhile it was also learnt that CEO KESC Muhammad Amjad will brief PM Yousaf Raza Gillani today (Tuesday). Sources said that PM was annoyed with the performance of the KESC.