KARACHI - The media briefing of Pakistan cricket team on Sunday late night after the hosts lost crucial match to Sri Lanka in Super Four of the Asia Cup by 64 runs ended in fiasco when Pakistan team coach walked out after a local journalist threatened to boycott the briefing taking exception to his alleged unfriendly remarks against the press. The media waited for a long time for the Pakistani officials to address the briefing was expecting the skipper Shoaib Malik to come to the arena. After a long wait, Geoff Lawson appeared and laid down the rules for the briefing. "A couple of rules before we start. Don't make statements, ask questions. If someone asks the question twice, I won't answer it. And make your question sensible, otherwise I won't answer. Okay?" he said before asking the newsmen to ask questions. One of the journalists objected to the remark and asked was the coach trying to dictate the press. Lawson did not like the comment and responded by leaving his chair and walking out. However, he came back in a few minutes and stopped journalists from any questions upon which one journalist said he would boycott the briefing upon which Lawson left without making any comment. In the meantime, it has been learnt that Shoaib Malik who scored slow 53 in the match against Sri Lanka suffered dehydration during the match and was given drip in the dressing room after the completion of the contest. His fitness is in doubt for Pakistan's next Lawson apologises: Pakistan's Australian cricket coach Geoff Lawson has said that he was looking forward to keeping healthy, cordial and good relations with the media as had been the case in the past. In an unsigned PCB media release issued here at the National Stadium on Monday, the lanky Australian clarified his position about the incident which took place on Sunday night in the post-match media briefing. He stated in the statement: "I would like to clarify that the incident that took place at the press conference after the Pakistan and Sri Lanka match is most unfortunate. What happened was regrettable and I would like to apologise for the events that led to the incident. "I assure everyone that as coach of the Pakistan team, I look forward to having healthy, cordial and good relations with the media as has been the case in the past. I appreciate that the media has a job on hand to do and at the end of the day our collective efforts should be focused on getting good performances from the team."