LAHORE-PML (N) has shown serious concern and reservations over the on-going military drive in the Tribal Areas and demanded that the PPP-led coalition govt summon session of the National Assembly to take all allied parties into confidence over the issue without any further delay. Ch Nisar PML-N Parliamentary leader in National Assembly, expressed these views during a Press conference held at party headquarters here on Monday. PML-N senior leader and Adviser to Punjab Chief Minister Pervez Rasheed was also present on the occasion. Neither we nor other parties in coalition govt were taken on board over the issue of military drive which was not a good omen for the better working relationship of the govt, he said. Ch Nisar said that Parliament was the supreme authority which could decide whether the military drive should be launched or not in Tribal Areas instead of Army or any leader of a party. He said that democratic norms demanded that all decisions should be taken in Parliament instead of will of one man. He underscored the need for firming up national policy to deal with all problems including the on-going volatile situation in the Tribal Areas. He made it clear that not only the Tribal Areas are engulfed in problems but the country is also facing severe crisis. He came hard on the govt policy in the Tribal Areas, saying that it was the same policy being carried out by Musharraf-led govt. He lamented that we are killing our own people at the behest of a foreign power. He said that when the govt was formed, COAS and other security officers briefed the political parties that option of dialogue would be adopted to bring peace in the Tribal Areas. Later, we were told that peace accords had been signed between govt and the tribal people but now military drive has been launched because the govt says the peace pacts have been violated, he added. He categorically said that continuity of coalition govt lies in the implementation of Murree Accord and reinstatement of judges. He said that there should not be any ambiguity over the issue. 'When we will feel that party is unable to serve the people while staying in coalition govt, we will part ways', he added. On the issue of Finance Bill and expansion of Supreme Court, he said 'we were not taken into confidence on the matter'. He said that still PML(N) has reservations over the Finance Bill. 'Though we did not vote for the increase of judges strength in SC in Finance Bill but later we were blamed to get it passed', he added. He said that if PML(N) separates itself from PPP-led coalition govt, it will prove to be very detrimental for the country. Anyhow, he said when we observe that time to quit has arrived, we would not take a minute to do so. He said that some foreign powers are working against Pakistan and they did want peace in the country. Monitoring Desk adds: The major ally of the ruling coalition PML-N has expressed severe reservations over government's attitude, and hinted at quitting the ruling coalition because the party was not being taken into confidence about certain important issues of national interest including the ongoing operation at Khyber Agency and other tribal areas, reported a private TV channel on Monday. Talking to the channel, Siddiq ul Farooq of PML-N said that his party was not confided in most of the decisions after May-13, including government's policy about the ongoing operation in NWFP. The PML-N would give a reasonable time to its coalition partners to review their decisions, he said adding that after the month of July, his party's Central Executive Committee would chalk out the future strategy. "If the issues are not settled, we'll consult with our executive Council", he said. To a question about the future of Punjab government if the PML-N quitted the ruling coalition, he said, "Our position in Punjab is stable".