BARA (Khyber Agency) - Amidst operation against what the authorities call criminals and miscreants, a mysterious missile hit the base of one of the religious groups near Bara town of Khyber Agency in early hours on Monday, killing at least nine persons and injuring around 15 others including a woman. All the killed were stated to be tribesmen from scattered areas of Khyber Agency. So far no one has claimed the responsibility for the missile attack against the base of the religious group but its spokesman blamed the NATO forces camping across the border in Afghanistan, for the act. The base of Amar Bil Maroof Wa Nahi Anel Munkar (Voice and Virtue) headed by Haji Namdar at the fortress having many portions like the house of Hakeem Shah at Jan Khan Keley in the area, dominated by tribesmen from Bar Qambarkhel clan of Afridi tribe, was hit by a mysterious missile in early hours on Monday. At the time of missile attack, its dwellers were preparing themselves for offering prays, the spokesman remarked. As per details, the Amar Bil Maroof, one of three religious rival groups operating in Bara region of Khyber Agency has established its centre in the house of Hakeem Shah. The spokesman of the Tanzeem Amar Bil Maroof Wa Nahi Anel Munkar informed that the base was used for sheltering of his group Mujahideen. He informed that around 3.45 a.m. first they sighted a flame in the air, which was later on followed by a huge explosion. The flame, he added, came from Afghanistan, where the NATO forces are camping. Based on these grounds, he blamed the NATO forces for such an attack. The mysterious missile targeted the  house of Hakeem Shah destroying its  several portions. A number of rooms and portions of the house were razed to the ground whereas the remaining parts were damaged very badly. The damaged complex also included a prison or torture cell in its basement. A number of prisoners were locked in the cell when the missile attack took place and three of them were reportedly killed and several others injured. The spokesman claimed that six persons were killed and seven others injured in the attack, whereas the local tribesmen informed that nine persons were killed and 15 others injured. The six killed persons were identified as Ibrahim and Arif from Zakhakhel tribe, Gul Wali, Mohammad Nawaz, Faulad Khan and Sagheer Khan from Bar Qambarkhel area of Bara. Five of the injured were admitted in Peshawar hospital whereas 10 of the  injured were attended in the Civil Hospital Dogra, Bara and were discharged after giving them first aid. The injured who are still under treatment included Shaukat, Sulaiman, Noor Habib, Yaqoob and a woman. The missile attack first-ever of its kind resulted in widespread unrest amongst the tribesmen from all over the Khyber Agency, where the security forces are engaged in an operation against the alleged criminals and miscreants for the last three days. Without any resistance, the security forces succeeded in demolishing the bases of the rival religious groups particularly occupied by activists of Lashkar Islam headed by Mangal Bagh. The security forces also succeeded in taking back four check posts of the traditional Khasadar forces from the militants in the area. On the third day of the operation, main bazaars and several shopping centers were reopened at Bara town and traffic also resumed on several roads. Common tribesmen who were made hostages by leaders and gun-totting stalwarts of the rival religious groups are jubilating the operation against the rival religious groups in the area, which besides Lashkar Islam of Mangal Bagh and Amar Bil Maroof of Haji Namdar also included Lashkar Ansar of Haji Mehboob. Agencies add: At least three missiles struck the headquarters of Amar Bil Maroof Wa Nahi Aneelmunkar (Movement for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice) at Bara in Khyber Agency, where Pakistani security forces launched a crackdown on militants on Saturday. The missiles apparently targeted Haji Namdar, the head of the religious group, but he was safe, eyewitnesses told the TV channels. The witnesses said six to nine persons had died and several of Namdar's close relatives were among the dead. Haji Namdar and a security official said the house was destroyed by military action but the government said troops were not involved. The witnesses said they had seen drones flying overhead when the missile strike occurred at about 3am. TV channels aired footage of the two-storey brick structure that was almost completely destroyed by the missile strike. The footage showed rescue workers digging through the debris to remove bodies. An AFP photographer saw six coffins lined up outside the rubble of the house of Namdar accused of attacking convoys supplying US and NATO troops. "It looked like a guided missile strike. It could have been the work of both Pakistani and NATO forces. We will take revenge," Namdar told AFP at the scene in the Par Qambarkhel area, about 20 miles from the Afghan border. But a senior security official told AFP earlier that the destruction of the house "was part of the ongoing operation. Our ground forces were involved." Meanwhile, reaffirming continuation of operation till achievement of objective, Ministry of Interior has banned three groups active in tribal areas for their involvement in criminal activities. "Lashkar-e-lslam of Mangal Bagh, Ansar-ul-lslam of Mahboob-ul-Haque and Haji Namdar Group have been banned under Anti- Terrorist Act, and notification in this respect has been issued," the sources at Interior Ministry told this news agency on Monday. The sources said that operation had the support of local tribes and was going well with sufficient achievements. "The operation is being conducted with full ownership of the civil government and with full support of local tribes, respecting their sensitivities and redressing their insecurity, just to re-establish writ of the government," the sources added.  "The operation is also progressing well and the basic purpose has been achieved with minimum damage and without any collateral losses," the sources added, reaffirming continuation of the operation till desired objectives are achieved. Monitoring Desk adds: Capital City Police Officer Dr Muhammad Suleman Monday expressed satisfaction over the law and order in Peshawar and said operation would be also be launched in some parts of the city, reports a private TV channel. Nader Buneri from Peshawar adds: In the wake of operation launched in Khyber Agency, security of Peshawar has been beefed up by deploying heavy contingent of Quick Response Forces, Frontier Constabulary and Frontier Police, Chief Capital City Police Dr Suleman told the media here Monday. Briefing the journalists over the law and order situation of the city at Police Line, he said that the situation is quite normal, however, they have taken foolproof security arrangements in this regard. He said that the efficiency of Police has been improved after conducting successful operation against those criminals who have adopted the garb of Taliban. "We have deployed 37 platoons on all the Frontier regions of Peshawar while another 25 platoons have been deployed in Hayatabad," he said. He informed that they have destroyed 40 hideouts of miscreants and anti social elements and heavy arms also have been recovered from these sites. Namdar vows to take revenge Special Report PESHAWAR - Amr Bil Maroof Wa Nahi Anilmunkar Chief Haji Namdar has declared the missile attack at Par Qambarkhel in Bara as action by the US forces. He said that Pakistan forces were not involved in this activity in any way, therefore, no counter steps would be done against Pak forces. He, however, vowed to take revenge from Nato forces. Haji Namdar was talking to the Nawa-I-Waqt/The Nation at his residence at Barkambarkhel on Monday. He said that the missile was fired from Afghan side of the border just before Fajr prayer and the people of the area were a witness to it. About the Pak forces operation in Bara, he said his organisation had no link with this action, nor was this action against his organisation. "We are peaceful people and always abide by Pakistan law", he said adding that the tribal had been keeping watch on the borders for the last 60 years without any salaries. He termed the present government as so-called democratic government saying that no hopes could be attached to this Federal government or NWFP government. He said that the attack was not the first on the tribal areas rather they were attacked at Damadola and Waziristan also by NATO forces, but our govt behaved like a silent spectator. "If the US and the others can come from thousands of miles and attack on us with a ride, we too can announce Jihad against them and avenge ourselves on them", he maintained. Answering a question about Afghan President Karzai's statement regarding action in Pakistan tribal areas, Haji Namdar retorted that he and tribals would reply in coin and defend the borders side by side with the Pakistan Army. He said that he did not believe in elections of any type on the other hand he believed in Khalifat only. He said that he had no relationship with Lashkar Islam, Ansarul Islam and Baitullah Mahsood. He, however, said that a number excesses had been done to Mahsood. Military endorses govt strategy Special Correspondent ISLAMABAD - Top brass of the armed forces of Pakistan Monday restated total support to government's policy and its three-pronged strategy to counter the growing threat of militancy in the country. According to official sources, this restatement came during an important meeting of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee after taking stock of regional security situation. The meeting that was held at Joint Staff Headquarters and was presided by the Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (CJCSC) General Tariq Majid, also reviewed the external threats to the country. Apart from the Services Chiefs, Secretary Defence, Secretary Defence Production and other senior armed forces' officers also attended the meeting. ISPR said that meeting had discussed important regional developments influencing national security including a comprehensive review of external threats. It also deliberated upon the evolving security environment within the country. The committee that was briefed on the progress of development plan of the Armed Forces had also discussed other important matters having tri-service implications. The Chairman and the Services Chiefs expressed their satisfaction on the operational preparedness of the Armed Forces.