ISLAMABAD - The question of eligibility of former Premier Nawaz Sharif to become a Member of Parliament will linger on at least for another fortnight as the Supreme Court adjourned the matter till then after the government sought adjournment during the hearing of the issue on Monday. The apex court is reviewing the question of Sharif's eligibility to contest elections on an appeal filed by the Federation of Pakistan against a Lahore High Court (LHC) ruling that declared the Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) Chief disqualified to run for a National Assembly seat from his home town, Lahore (NA-123). The apex court has stayed the election in NA-123 on first hearing of the federation's appeal till the final verdict on the issue. At the outset of the proceedings yesterday before a three-judge bench headed by Justice Musa K. Legahri, Advocate Ahmed Raza Kasuri, who appeared before the court on behalf of Syed Khurram Shah, the objector against Nawaz Sharif, blasted the government for filing the petition against the disqualification of PML-N chief. Kasuri said neither the federation was aggrieved as a result of LHC ruling nor it had any locus standi to move the apex court on electoral dispute as only the relevant parties could come in the apex court under the appeal. Filing the objections against the federation's petition, Kasuri said two political parties were in league to stage a drama by filing the petition against LHC verdict that disqualified Nawaz Sharif from contesting the by-elections from NA-123. Referring to the Constitution of Pakistan, Kasuri said an election matter could only be challenged in the apex court under Article 225 while the present petition cannot be termed as constitutional petition on the subject matter. He also insisted that Nawaz Sharif doesn't fulfil the criteria of a candidate under the provisions of Peoples Representation Act, 1976. Kasuri also alleged that Nawaz Sharif was not only a defaulter but also engaged in defaming the top judiciary. He also said that Nawaz Sharif should personally approach the court if he wanted to take any relief instead of planting others for such a purpose. At this stage, DAG Raja Abdul Rehman stated that the objections should have been filed earlier, which could have allowed him the time to submit the rejoinder and address the court on the issue. He requested the court to adjourn the matter for a fortnight for filing the rejoinder and satisfying the bench on the locus standi of the federation to raise such an issue as Nawaz Sharif was fully eligible to become a Member of Parliament. When Kasuri insisted that matter should be only adjourned for 48 hours, Raja Abdul Rehman suggested that in that case by-elections should be held as soon as possible and Nawaz Sharif be allowed to take part in it so as to enable the people of the constituency to choose their representative according to their will. Raja stated that it was the constitutional right of the people of every constituency to choose their representative according to their own choice and this constitutional right of the people should be respected in any case.      Considering the request of DAG, the court adjourned hearing of the issue till a fortnight so as to enable the federation to file rejoinder of the objections raised by counsel of Syed Khurram Shah. Besides Justice Leghari, other members of the bench seized with the matter are Justice Syed Zawwar Hussain Jaffery, and Justice Muhammad Farrukh Mahmud.   The apex court is hearing the issue amid a clear statement from former Premier Nawaz Sharif that he or his party will not appear before the present judges come what may as they both deem the present judiciary illegitimate as it came into existence after taking oath under Provisional Constitutional Order (PCO) in the wake of November 3 emergency last year.