TEHRAN  - Federal Minister for Finance and Economic Affairs Naveed Qamar met Iranian Minister for Energy, Parviz Fattah here on Sunday and discussed matters relating to promotion of bilateral cooperation in the power sector. Welcoming the delegation, Parviz Fattah Minister for Energy said the Iranian leadership was keen to expand its relations and cooperation with Pakistan in all fields. He expressed hope that visit of the Finance Minister would further promote existing bilateral cooperation between the two countries. He stressed the need to further promote relations in various fields, as the current level of our economic cooperation was not commensurate with the level of our relations in cultural and political fields. He underscored the need of frequent meetings at expert levels and exchange of experiences and expertise to achieve the desired goals. He said that many Iranian companies were keen to do joint ventures with their Pakistani counterparts. Naveed Qamar said due to rapid economic development, demand of electricity in Pakistan had increased and in order to meet growing demand, Pakistan intends to import 1000 MW power from brotherly country Iran. He emphasized the need of sharing of expertise and technical know-how with each other to enhance economic relations. Both sides also discussed decisions taken at the 17th session of Joint Economic Commission and expressed hope that they would contribute positively in further strengthening the bilateral cooperation between the two countries. Naveed Qamar also renewed an invitation to the Iranian Minister for Energy to visit Pakistan at the earliest. Online adds: Pakistan is keen to see the Iran-Pakistan-India (IPI) oil pipeline project through and awaits India's readiness to engage with Pakistan in this regard, according to Pakistan's Minister for Finance and Economic Affairs Syed Naveed Qamar. "Pakistan is keen to move ahead (with the pipeline project) and I want to see whether India is ready to engage with us fully or it would like to spend some more time thinking about it," Qamar told the Khaleej Times.