NEW YORK - Pandemonium broke out at a function on Sunday evening when  Pakistan People's party activists stood up to protest the remarks of Justice (R) Wajiuddin Ahmed, a former Supreme Court judge, against the party's stance on reinstatement of 60 other judges deposed last year when President Pervez Musharraf imposed a state of emergency. Justice Wajiuddin, who was a keynote speaker, denounced the PPP leadership for violating the Murree declaration on restoration of the judges, and especially targeted Law Minister Farooq Naek, saying the constitutional package, including the provision for reinstatement of judges, which was proposed by the minister, was shameful. "I could not believe my eyes when I read it," he said. As Wajiuddin went on to question Naek's legal ability, PPP members and sympathizers jumped to their feet and protested his remarks against the law minister and in the earlier part of his speech about Asif Zardari, accusing him of bias and of making a political speech. The protesters raised slogans in favour of PPP and the late Benazir Bhutto, setting off counter slogans from some other groups and a pandemonium broke out. As the organizers of the function held in a restaurant hall tried to pacify the slogan-shouting people, the situation took a turn for the worse when Wajiuddin admonished the protesters, ordering them to sit down, be quiet and listen to him. The  grew even louder and almost every one in the hall began shouting at the top of his voice as chaos prevailed. At this stage, Aitzaz Ahsan, the president of the Pakistan Supreme Court Bar Association and a PPP leader, came to the podium in an apparent effort to persuade the judge not to be proceed with his speech but the judge said he would address all the concerns of the audience. Ahsan then led a chorus of "jeeay Bhutto" slogans that had some calming effect. Resuming his speech, Wajiuddin apologized for his remarks, saying he did not mean to hurt any one's feelings. The remark drew loud and sustained applause, with PPP leader Khalid Awan responding in full measure to the judge's gesture. With calm finally restored, Wajiuddin said the amiable resolution of the matter show that the people of Pakistan were united. But another interruption occurred when Aitzaz Ahsan got up from the stage to leave for another appointment. A number of people left the hall to see him off. After the people settled down again, Wajiuddin picked up from  where he had left off, saying the people of Pakistan were united in their demand for the restoration of independent and fearless judges like Iftikhar Muhammed Chaudhry. The function in Brooklyn, a borough of New York City, was organized by Pakistani-American Attorney in honour of Justice (r) Wajiuddin, Aitzazan and Ahsan Iqbal, information secretary of PML-N, who are currently on a tour of the United States. Justice Wajiuddin said that an independent judiciary is critical to Pakistan's success as a democratic and social welfare state, adding that such a judiciary could help in brining about all round improvement in the country. Aitzaz Ahsan said an independent judiciary is pivotal to ensuring protection of rights of citizens and making Pakistan a truly social welfare state as envisioned by the country's founding fathers. He pledged unstinted struggle for restoration of deposed judges and stated he sees no need for any constitutional amendment for reversal of November 3 measures. PML(N) member of the parliament Ahsan Iqbal said the party seeks restoration of deposed judges and also believes that it is in the interest of the nation that the ruling coalition works together in the spirit of the people's mandate in the transition period. He especially referred to the clause in the Charter that judges who took oath under the provisional constitutional order would not be accepted. He said that PML-N would do its utmost to restore judges and be in the forefront to remove President Musharraf. A large number of local leaders also assured their full support to the lawyers' movement at the restoration of judges.