Breaking news on all channels said "PIA has suffered accumulated losses of Rs 42.5 billion over a period of five years". I was not at all surprised but was saddened a lot. An organization, which once upon a time, used to be pride of the nation because of its efficiency and excellent service has withered away. To think that some countries had even hired professionals from PIA to establish their airlines. The mismanagement of past two decades has converted the once acclaimed airline into a white elephant that is a burden to both the nation's economy as well as conscience. Efforts have been made at federal level to revive PIA through injecting subsidies. Privatization has also been on cards. But the subsidies have not brought any positive improvement and the privatization may also prove to be no panacea considering what happened to KESC, PTCL at el. However looking at our strong base and 60 plus years of experience in the field of aviation, I still feel that things can be changed for the better. To begin with; (1) All expensive contract employees at senior level should be relieved forthwith irrespective of their position and connection. (2) Since airline is already overstaffed fresh appointments should be banned for at least five years. The contract officials at junior level are allowed to continue at fixed emoluments till organization gains financial strength. (3) The facilities such as air tickets allowed to the employees including Chairman/MD and their families should be stopped for five years. (4) Any increase in the pay and perks as a result of CBA bargaining be freeze for at least two years. -RAFIQUE AHMED SIDDIQUI, Karachi, via e-mail, June 20.