KARACHI - Pakistani pace bowler Shoaib Akhtar's appeal in the Lahore High Court will be heard by Chief Justice Zahid Hussain on Tuesday, according to his lawyer Abid Hassan Minto. "We have filed in High Court an appeal against the PCB tribunal's verdict which imposed 18 months ban and a fine of Rs. seven million. It will come up for hearting at 9.00 in the morning on Tuesday," the 76-year-old Senior Advocate, also practicing in Supreme Court said. Interestingly, Zahid Hussain became Lahore High Court chief justice from January 1 this year and he was posted at this place by the President Pervez Mushrraf, who is also the chief patron of the PCB. "Shoaib came to me and presented the documents we had asked for. We have also enclosed a few TV channel interviews and newspaper clippings where the tribunal members and the PCB officials had voiced their opinions against my client". "I do agree it takes years for the final hearings in High Courts, but I shall press for urgency of matter. What's the sense if the case does not come up for final verdict for more than one year when his ban period is also to end even otherwise after 18 months?". Minto said that Shoaib needed proper guidance. "He comes from a village (near Rawalpindi) and the family is lacking social background. The previous tribunal also opined that the counsel service be provided to him. He should be taught about the culture and how to live in the society. Had he not been from Rawalpindi, I would not have taken up his case because I am also from the same place". He said, "The whole procedure adopted by the board was wrong. Shoaib was not a contracted player with the PCB. Yes, Code of Conduct exists but it is only in the contracts. The constitutional procedure was not followed properly. It affected the right of my client to defend himself," he further said.