RAWALPINDI-The sound of two explosions created a wave of panic and fear among the residents of twin cities here on Monday. The explosions were so loud that their noise could be heard till distant places and various widow panes of houses and buildings were broken and people came out of their houses in fear. Earlier, the people deemed that the explosions occurred in the sensitive areas of Cantt. However, Pakistan Air Force (PAF) directorate issued a statement making it clear that the sound was not created by any explosion but it was a sonic boom. The statement further made it obvious that F-7P Fighter Aircraft of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) that was on a scheduled Functional Control Flight Mission, crossed the sound barrier in Pindigheb area. The aircraft was transiting from 40,000 feet altitude to 15,000 feet while the Fighter aircraft flew a planned Maintenance Check Mission after overhaul at Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, Kamra. "Due to crossing sound limit, the explosions were heard in twin cities," added the PAF spokesman. He further maintained that the sonic boom waves traveled to adjacent areas due to high altitude and clear weather conditions. While emergency was declared at all hospitals and Rescue 1122, Red Crescent and ambulances of various organisations left for Army House, GHQ, Presidential Camp, Chaklala Airbase, Islamabad International Airport and other sensitive areas, however no such report of blast was found from these areas. Soon after the sound of explosions, a wave of panic and fear gripped the twin cities and people came out of their houses and remained busy in making phone calls to the newspaper offices and their relatives.