The Co-Chairman of Pakistan Peoples Party, Senator Asif Ali Zardari has said that the west invested in Pakistan to promote its military interests and it did nothing for Pakistani people with the result that the international community had to pay a terrible price for using Pakistan for its short-term political objectives."We were exploited under colonialism, manipulated as a tool of Cold War intrigue, made into surrogates for a war against the Soviets in Afghanistan, and when that war was won, Pakistan and the country we liberated were abandoned to the forces of extremism and fanaticism", he said in his key note address at the Socialist International Congress in Athens Greece Tuesday.The PPP Co-Chairman asked the United Nations, United States and United Kingdom whether they contributed any amount to the victims of terrorism in our land? He urged the world to convene a South and Central Asia Regional Conference to coordinate a multi-faceted international program to counter extremism.