KHYBER AGENCY - Three new security checkposts have been established near the Pak-Afghan border in Loy Shelman and Sheen Pokh areas on the bank of River Kabul. Sheen Pokh is a very far-flung area of Landikotal bordering Afghanistan in the east and Mohmand Agency in the north, about 40 Km away from Landikotal bazaar in the north. Militants, in the past, have been using River Kabul to cross and enter Sheen Pokh area for carrying out terrorists activities. This step has also been taken to check the possible cross-border penetration of the miscreants via ghost routes from across the border in Afghanistan, APA Landikotal Iqbal Khattak said. The security forces and the political administrations Khasadar Force will jointly perform duties at these newly-set up checkpoints in the far flung Sheen Pokh area of Loy Shelman in Landikotal, APA maintained. The checkposts have been set up with an aim to ensure peace in the region internally and externally, APA Landikotal elaborated. He said the steps for erecting security posts have been taken after noticing infiltration of terrorists from across the border in Upper Dir and Bajaur Agency where terrorists sabotaged peaceful environment. Shelmani and Sheen Pokh tribes cooperation with administration is also appreciable in this respect, administration officer added. Landikotal sub-division will be made again an abode of peace and tranquillity, he vowed adding, the remaining few small pockets of the banned Lashker-e-Islam in the far flung Zakha Khel region would be shortly cleared to establish writ of the govt. Administration officer said that development schemes would be started in the Landikotal sub-division of Khyber Agency to satisfy the tribesmen that the government was resolute to bring these backward areas at par with the developed areas of the country. I am a servant of the people that is why it is my responsibility to serve them and resolve their long-standing problems, APA Khattak promised. The militants could no more disturb the law and order situation in Landikotal due to the newly-established security posts jointly patrolled by security forces and Khasadar Force to motivate the tribesmen to play their positive role for peace and development in their respective areas, APA Landikotal Khattak concluded.