LAHORE - Ex-Federal Minister for Law Dr Babar Awan Thursday called PML-N leaders Banarsi Thugs who, according to him, were not in a position to make any grand alliance against the government. Talking to media at the residence of PPPs Punjab General Secretary Sami Ullah Khan and his spouse Azma Zahid Bukhari here, Mr Awan said that PML-N had a bad record of ditching their allies and now no body was going to trust the Nawaz party any more. He said the PML-N had deserted JI, IJI, former PM, Muhammad Khan Junejo and others many a times in the past. Even if they succeeded in forging any anti-government alliance, it will not last too long, he observed, adding that they were Banarsi Thugs and no body was going to believe them. To a question, he said that PPP was in contact with MQM and doors of negotiations had not been shut as yet. Mr Awan termed Sharif brothers as Relief Brothers and said that judiciary took no action against them in the past thirty years. He asked the PML-N leaders to desist from dragging judiciary into politics.