BUREWALA - The fertiliser dealers were on Tuesday accused of black marketing urea fertiliser, thereby forcing growers to pay additional Rs220 to Rs250 for 50 kg bag. Fertiliser prices are going unchecked by the government authorities and there is no mechanism to make fertilisers available at official rates. However, the government has fixed the price of imported urea fertiliser at Rs1,200 and the dealers are selling it at Rs1,425 per bag, Engro and Sona Urea are selling at Rs1,430 and Fatima Urea at Rs1,420. This black marketing has put additional financial burden on farmers especially in this cotton, rice and corn cultivation season. Talking to this scribe, Sheikh Muhammad Iqbal, a broker of fertilisers, admitted that imported urea fertilizer was booked at Rs1,200 and private companies were booking it at Rs1,225 from their dealers. However, he added, the fertiliser dealers were black marketing urea as they had to purchase Di-Ammonium Phosphate (DAP) at Rs4,006 per 50 bag and in the open market the price has decreased to Rs3,750. Ayaz Amjad, a local fertiliser dealer, said that the government was quiet aware of the problems being faced by farmers and should take notice to redress their issues and evolve a strategy in collaboration with all the stakeholders to end black marketing. He said that fertiliser companies increased price of urea in the name of shortage or outages of gas and electricity and dealers have to wait for supply. If, he said, demand and supply gap is narrowed by the companies, black marketing would completely abolish. Likewise, local farmers demanded that the government should take strict notice of uncontrolled increase in price of urea. They said that crop yields of small farmers were badly affecting due to unavailability of fertilisers at affordable prices. They demanded transparent mechanism to fix fertiliser prices. Farmers of the area demanded. They suggested that government should monitor the supply of fertiliser from the factory gate to dealers. Meanwhile, Deputy District Officer (Agriculture) Altaf Hussain said that administrative measures had been taken to protect interests of farmers and to check the sale of urea fertiliser at high price in the area.