LAHORE The police have sent the DNA samples of the five suspects, already in custody in connection with the rape-cum-murder of a 9-year-old girl, to the Forensic Laboratory to identify the real rapist. The victim girls body was found from inside a cold-storage in the Shadbagh area on June 2. The DNA test report will help identify the killer, a senior police officer confirmed to this reporter on Thursday. Five suspects, including the son of the security guard of the cold-storage, were arrested, but during the initial investigations, all of them pleaded not guilty. The suspects are even now being grilled, but they are in a state of constant denial. Its a very complicated, serious and heinous case. We are very carefully investigating it to unearth the real culprits, CCPO Malik Ahmed Raza Tahir said on Thursday. Police sources said that the Lahore police are adopting scientific methods to resolve the complicated mysteries and DNA (Deoxyribo-Nucleic-Acid) tests of the accused are being carried out to strengthen the evidences and the investigations as well. The DNA evidence, widely called the fingerprint of the 21st century, has the unequaled ability to identify rapists and exonerate innocent suspects worldwide. But the practice is not common among the City police as, mostly, they rely on applying traditional methods of torture and painful detentions to press the criminals to confess the crimes, no matter they committed or not. Ironically, the police in remote districts of the Punjab province neither collect nor send DNA evidence to labs for analysis. Ahmed Raza Tahir further said that he has strictly directed the policemen to use the DNA evidence to resolve mysteries, wherever it is required. This practice would not only help investigators to unearth the culprits but also DNA is a strong evidence to substantiate the investigation findings before the courts during trails, the Capital City Police Officer maintained. The police sent the samples of the suspects for DNA tests after the autopsy report revealed that the girl was sexually assaulted before murder. Police say that the DNA reports take a lot of time therefore the government should take immediate steps to ensure quick response of forensic experts in cases of heinous crimes. A couple of days ago, family members of the deceased and hundreds of other local residents from Gundi Bomby area gathered outside the Shadbagh police station and staged strong protest demonstration against the police. They blocked the road by setting the tyres on fire and chanted slogans against the police high-ups, demanding the provincial hierarchy to take the notice of the gruesome killing, speed up investigations and provide justice to the victim family. The protesters also alleged that the investigators were trying to 'protect the suspects. Police sources also said that the five suspects being interrogated in connection with the killings belonged to the same locality, where the tragic incident took place. Eesha Hussain, the 9-year-old girl, was found dead after being raped by unidentified kidnappers a day after she went missing. Her parents told the police that Eesha left her house on June 1st to fetch some eatable from a nearby shop but never returned. The next day she was found lying dead inside a cold storage situated a few hundreds meter away from her residence. One of the workers at the cold storage situated in densely populated locality, had spotted her naked dead body with blood and torture marks and disclosed the happening to the police by phone. Earlier, the police had established that some unidentified gangster(s) kidnapped the girl, took her to some unknown location, fled away after throwing her naked body in the dilapidated cold storage. It is worth mentioning here that the Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif had also taken notice of the innocent killing and ordered the police to bring the culprits to justice.