HONG KONG (AFP) - Crickets world governing body has launched an investigation into black-marketeering during the World Cup ticket sales fiasco that left thousands of fans with no hope of seeing the marquee matches. The ICC made the announcement after its executive board in Hong Kong received a confidential report criticising the handling of ticket sales in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Although the event was universally acclaimed as a success and one of the best cricket events in history, the report highlighted certain shortcomings around ticketing and stadia construction, the ICC said. The statement said the directors had noted the appointment of forensic auditors to review ticketing during the ICC Cricket World Cup, including allegations of black marketeering, Haroon Lorgat said. The controversy over ticket distribution and availability caused a rift between the world body and local organisers during the tournament. The choice of Mumbai for the April 2 final was controversial as the Wankhede Stadium had only a 33,000 capacity with 20,000 tickets going to clubs linked to the Mumbai Cricket Association and 8,500 to the ICC. The remaining tickets, around 4,000, were sold to the general public. Fans in Mohali told AFP of concerns over forged tickets being sold for the India-Pakistan semi-final. One fan said a 500-rupee ($12) ticket was fetching up to 20 times its value.