QUETTA - The inquiry tribunal probing Kharotabad incident has recommended punishment for police and FC personnel, holding them responsible for the murder of five foreigners in its report. The inquiry tribunal, headed by Justice Hashim Kakar of Baluchistan High Court, submitted its investigation report to the provisional government on Tuesday, however, on direction of Chief Minister Aslam Raisani, it was made public on Thursday. The report held that the five Chechens were killed by the firing of police and FC personnel, who could have captured them alive easily. No weapons or suicide jackets were found from the deceased men and women, it said. Tribunal report regretted that the incident occurred in the Kharotabad police precincts but the FIR was registered in Airport Police Station so that certain police officials could get promotions. The report specifically recommended punishment to FC Lieutenant Colonel Faisal Shehzad, former Quetta CCPO Daud Junajo, SHO airport Fazal Rahman and ASI Raza Khan. It said the CCPO and FC Lt Col unnecessarily used extra power and mishandled the situation by taking wrong decisions, while the SHO and the ASI were basically responsible for murder of the foreigners. The report said that as per evidence provided by police, the killed foreigners had entered into Pakistan illegally and were trained terrorists; however, they had no intention to attack the FC or police post. There was no justification for killing the said foreigners and they could have been arrested easily, the report said, adding, Our security agencies could have gotten important information from them, if they were not killed. The report also regretted the illegal movement at Pak-Afghan border, stating that, according to FIA DG, 8,000 to 10,000 people cross the border daily, and in such a situation anybody could enter into Pakistan. The tribunal recommended for preparing a procedure for legal crossing of the border. The tribunal also recommended equipping the Bomb Disposal Squad with modern equipments and enhancing its scope to all police stations. The Balochistan chief minister had earlier sent the judicial report to the chief secretary directing him for implanting the recommendations. Security personnel killed five foreigners, including three women, on May 17 in Kharotabad area of Quetta. The Balochistan government, on May 20, formed a commission to investigate the incident. The tribunal initiated its formal investigation on May 31 by recording statements of 28 witnesses and gathering video and pictorial evidence of the incident. The investigation team also visited the site of the killings.