MULTAN - Expressing sheer dissatisfaction on arrangements being made by irrigation department to cope with a likely flood, senior adviser to the Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Zulfiqar Khan Khosa has said that the concerned departments have failed to evolve an effective flood strategy because of lack of inter-departmental coordination. Chairing a meeting held to review arrangements for flood, Mr Khosa said that there was a serious communication gap among WASA, Irrigation and National Highway departments as a result of which flood could prove even disastrous. He said that the heads of departments of national construction learnt no lesson from previous floods as they did not conduct any model study or home work before launching projects for construction of bridges and roads. Citing the example of Head Muhammad Wala bridge, he said that the ill-planned project of NHA cut the riverbed dangerously short as a result of which Multan had come under serious threat of flood. He said that long approach roads were laid on either sides of the bridge but no space was left for the flood water. He said that same ill-advised strategy was adopted in construction of Sher Shah and Muzaffargarh roads. If the flood comes, well have to make breaches in all above mentioned roads that costs us millions, he regretted. Referring to newly constructed WASA disposal on Chenab bank, he said that this project also lacked an appropriate planning, expressing the fear that the disposal would sink in flood water. He warned that Multan might sink in sewerage water because of this ill planning. He asked the concerned authorities to increase the height of sewerage channel and disposal well. He further directed the WASA to launch a desilting project of all sewerage lines in Multan and accomplish the task before monsoon rains. He asked TMA officials to locate dilapidated buildings in Multan and evolve a strategy for their evacuation to prevent life loss during torrential rains. Later on, Chief Engineer Irrigation Ch. Iftikhar Ahmad briefed the senior adviser and told that 28 projects of flood bank uprising were accomplished so far in Multan zone. He pointed out that the height of Nawabpur flood bank was 415 foot and it needed to be heightened by at least five more feet because of construction of Muhammad Wala bridge. He said that two breaches would be made at different spots in case of flood to let the water pass through. He said that Sher Shah and Railway flood dykes also needed uprising.