MULTAN - Coordinator of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Womens Wing South Punjab Dr Rubina Akhtar has said that the caravan of PTI is marching towards its destination with utmost success and the masses will pose confidence in Imran Khans leadership in Lahore on July 24. The July 24 public meeting in Lahore will prove a milestone in our struggle against the looters of national wealth, tax evaders and swindlers, she added while addressing a press conference here on Wednesday. Referring to Multan public meeting, she said that it was great success of Imran Khans team. She claimed that the government created a number of hurdles in way of participants of PTIs public meeting but yet over 1500 women reached the venue and joined the meeting. She said that the massive participation of women proved that the message of Imran Khan had been disseminated to all women. She said that she visited residential areas, kachi abadis and educational institutions to invite people for the public meeting and received warm welcome from all quarters. She said that the response given by the masses on June 25 to Imran Khan had proved that they were tired of conventional politicians and feudal culture. She said that the opponents of PTI had lost their wits and a cheap banner and billboard campaign launched by a ruling party just ahead of PTI public meeting was its proof. She said that the caravan of PTI was heading towards its destination very successfully.She said that Pakistan was passing through the most critical times of its history as entire country was under fire. She said that the rulers crushed poor people with price hike, taxes, unemployment, injustice and hunger as a result of which a dangerous unrest prevailed among masses. She warned that the situation could take a very harmful turn if immediate steps were not taken to protect the country from looters of national wealth. She said that Irman Khan and his team worked day and night to unite nation on one platform against all evils.