Wapda has informed the national assembly standing committee on water and power that loadshedding will not end before 2018. Also that load will increase from the present 17,000 to 130,000 MW by the year 2030. The committee was informed that Wapda was buying power at Rs 10.18 per unit and supplying it at Rs 1.5 per unit. A huge drain on the exchequer. But Kalabagh dam which can generate 3600 MW of clean power at about Rs 1.0 per unit is not being built because it is in Punjab. Surely in this age of advanced technology and satellite imaging it should be possible to ensure equitable distribution of river water. Punjab has already agreed to take a lesser amount in favour of Sindh in all future dams. Gilgit and Baltistan have a further potential of 60,000 to 100,000 MW. A president of Turkey taking an aerial view of the Karakorms asked his aide to look out of the window and tell him what he saw. The aide said, Sir I see a lot of barren hills. The president said, look again, dont you see the Indus, an untapped source of power for Pakistan. ENGR KHURSHID ANWER, Lahore, June 29.