LAHORE A division bench of the Lahore High Court on Thursday issued notice for July 13 to the National Accountability Bureau after hearing Dr Babar Awan for the bail of Shaikh Afzal, one of the accused persons in Harris Steel Mills scam. The bench was headed by Chief Justice Ijaz Ahmad Chaudhary Babar raised fresh arguments for the bail relief of his client as the court wanted him to go through the last bail canceling the first order. He said that his client had timely applied for the certified copy of that order which was not yet available to him. However he said he had agitated that new grounds were separated from that raised previously. The counsel argued that newly appended 18th amendment of the Constitution contains new Article 10(A) within the spirit of Magna Carta to protect the civil rights of the citizens for fair trial and to avoid their undue custody. NAB Ordinance also envisages which has amended Section 497(3) of Cr PC to provide benefit of bail to an accused if his trial does not complete within a year provided the accused is not facing the offence is punishable with death, life term, terrorism or hardened criminal. His client, Awan said, did not fall in any these offences but 57 hearing before the trial court have been gone by but the trial has as yet not concluded. As per Section 10 of the NAB ordinance, maximum punishment is 10 years. He said if the court gives his client punishment of six months then what about the 19 months incarceration he has so far faced without any courts decision.