In an important development, the National Assembly Standing Committee on Defence was informed by Naval authorities during an in-camera session on Wednesday that the PNS Mehran debacle was an inside job. The committee was also told that eight Navy officials were detained and could be court marshalled once the Joint Investigation Team had completed its report. The public is keen to know the truth and it is hoped that the findings would be revealed to the media as soon as the investigators had done their job. The Naval officials rightly briefed the committee that given the fact that weapons used in the attack like rocket launchers were considerably heavy, the terrorists could not have sneaked inside the compound hauling them without the support of personnel posted at the base who facilitated their entry. Hence their argument that the attack could not have been possible without inside support appears quite strong. It was also disclosed that the terrorists had taken up shelter in areas surrounding the compound for planning the attack. As we all witnessed on TV screens the destruction was colossal. Now a lot depends on how the investigations are carried out. Troublemakers, wherever they are found and those providing support to them, should be hunted down and taken to task. The Navy is a disciplined unit of the armed forces and there should be no room for any act of sabotage or terrorism. Finally, the enemy that has hit as vital an institution as Navy would also be on the lookout for staging further attacks and hence, we need to be on our guard. Security of the sensitive installations and a background check of the troops manning them is the need of the hour. Also from the arrested men, investigators could find out who financed the attacks, what were the sources of the weapons and indeed which were the forces actually pulling the strings from behind the scene? The Joint Investigation Commission must expose the enemy.