KHAN GARH - Pakistan Democratic Party (PDP) Chairman Nawabzada Mansoor Ahmad Khan has criticised the incumbent PPP government, saying the PPP government has ruined the country both economically and politically. The policies of the government are negating its own slogan and election manifesto and are depriving the masses of roti, kapra aur makan. The poverty is on the rise while the rampant corruption and bad governance have put the countrys sovereignty and integrity at stake. PDP Chairman Nawabzada Mansoor was addressing a press conference here the other day. He pointed out that the masses voted the Peoples Party into power with a hope for a change and prosperity and they were now repenting and tearing with blood. The government has badly failed to bring any positive change in the life of the common man and provide them with basic facilities, he claimed, adding that the PPP failed to provide the masses with quality education and healthcare. The PDP chief argued that unemployment was on the rise due to bad polices and worst law and order situation in the country. He said that the alarming surge in the poverty had frustrated the public, forcing them to commit suicides and sell their beloved children. This is worst circumstances and the situation is aggravating, endangering the solidarity and sovereignty of the country, he added. Nawabzada Mansoor pointed out that the prevailing scenario of the country had laid the PPP fiasco bare and had proved the governments utter failure beyond any doubt before the nation. The PDP chief alleged that a specific class had held the national organisations hostage and they do what they want for themselves. Nepotism, corruption and bad governance rule the roost in the country with the blessings of the government and the rulers have no pain to stop the plunderers, he averred, adding that the difference in the education system for the rich and poor has been leading the country towards anarchy. To a question, Nawabzada Mansoor made it clear that his party would extend support to whatever political party come forwards and launch a protest movement against the government. The PDP will support any political party that launches a movement for saving the country, he elaborated. The rulers are oblivious to the miseries of the masses and the challenges the country confront; The country has plagued by terrorism; Balochistan is bleeding while power loadshedding has shattered the national economy but the rulers have no pain for country as they are just striving to prolong their stay in the power, he concluded. Meanwhile, the workers of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) PP-256 Khan Garh called on PDP Chief Nawabzada Mansoor Ahmad khan and apprised him of the mysterious missing of PTI Khan Garh President Malik Mushtaq Ahmad. It is to be noted that PTI PP-256 khan Garh president has been missing from the last one week and his family has no information about him. They told the PDP chief that his family and party workers were worried about the missing president. On the occasion, Nawabzada Mansoor assured them that he would take the issue with the Police high ups and district administration. He also assured that he would make personal efforts for the safe return and recovery of Malik Mushtaq Ahmad.