With bundle of threats pouring in from within and outside country, law and order situation is further deteriorating day by day. The awestruck people facingimpending perils of suicide and similarbombing find no way to escape.Consequently they resortto private security companies run by different people who provide security guards that apparently protect private residences, and business places. The young lads are equipped only with a simple gun which in my opinion does not suffice in case of any terror attack. Most of them do not have any physical training to combat terror attacks. Obviously, they serve as watch guards and in case of any attack, the poor fellows suffer heavily, even lose their life in a bid to perform their duty. Being paid within the range of 6000 to 12000 these low paid guards do not have any insurance cover to safeguard their family after them which is quite alarming. There is dire need of proper and effective training of all security guards. NADRAshoulddevelop a comprehensive software of all those people working as security guards in the countrywith the collaboration their employers. Government may also establish insurance funds for security personnel and allocate handsome amountto it so that in case of any causality the bereaved family may imbibe some fresh air from insurance fund. Citizens collective effort to counter terrorism is not only essential but also instrumental to reduce level of anxiety in general public. IFTIKHAR SHAHEEN MIRZA, Islamabad, June 29.