ISLAMABAD The establishment division has issued a formal notice for devolution of seven ministries to the provinces. Meanwhile, Punjab government has raised 15 objections over the third phase of devolution. According to the notification, the ministries including minority of affairs, sports, environment, health, food and agriculture, and labour and manpower will start working under provincial administration from Friday. With the transfer of ministries as per the 18th Amendment, the much-awaited process of devolution has completed while the government has announced to celebrate Provincial Autonomy Day today across the country. As a result of 18th Amendment, five federal ministries including the ministry of local government and rural development, ministry of special initiatives, ministry of zakat and ushr, ministry of population welfare and ministry of youth affairs were devolved to the provinces in first phase in December 2010. In the second phase, as it was stated earlier, the establishment division issued a notice on Thursday for devolution of five more ministries to the provinces. The notification, however, stated that all development projects and relevant staff had been shifted to the provinces. Meanwhile, a small number of departments of the transferred ministries would be merged with other ministries and divisions. The planning and development division has been assigned to devise a national policy for environmental pollution and change, ecology, forestry, wildlife, biodiversity and desertification. INP adds: Punjab government has raised 15 serious objections over the third phase of devolution and demanded immediate convening of a meeting of the Council of Common Interests (CCI) for redress of its reservations. In a letter to Inter-Provincial Coordination Division secretary, Punjab Chief Secretary Nasir Mahmood Khosa said that some decisions of the 18th Amendment Implementation Commission were in conflict with the constitution. He expressed provincial governments serious reservations about the mode and extent of the 3rd phase of devolution and said the Punjab government wanted to bring these issues before the ICC immediately. The chief secretary said the provincial government want the transfer of evacuee properties being managed by ETPB to the provinces, devolution of Workers Welfare Fund, Employees Old Age Benefits Institution and the Companies Profits. The letter stated that Drug Regulatory Agency and Sheikh Zayed Hospital and Post Graduate Medical Institute should also be devolved to Punjab. Similarly, allocation of hunting areas for foreign dignitaries should be allocated to the respective provincial governments, it said. The Punjab government also demanded devolution of the function of seed testing and seed certification and Passco to the provinces as well as reconstitution of Pakistan Sports Board. It may be recalled that Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif few days back had expressed his serious reservations over non-transfer of ETPB, Workers Welfare Fund, Employees Old Age Benefits Institution and the Companies Profits. He was critical that the properties and funds of more than Rs80 billion of the ETPB and Workers Welfare Fund were not being transferred to the provinces by the federal government. Sources said that EOBI has a balance of Rs90 billion with Banks in addition to assets worth over Rs100 billion. The Workers Welfare Fund has a cash of Rs20 billion in hand while another Rs90 billion are with the finance division in addition to its assets.