LAHORE - Britain is making special efforts for the promotion of education in Pakistan. Of the total assistance that it would provide for the purpose, substantial amount will go to Punjab, Britains Deputy High Commissioner Dr Peter Tibber said during a visit to TheNation offices here on Thursday. Alastair King Smith, DFID Provincial Representative for Punjab, was also with him. The two exchanged views with TheNation Editor Salim Bokhari. Mr Smith said Britain was providing an assistance of 650 million pounds sterling to Pakistan, half of which would be spent on education. According to him, four million children would go to schools and 90,000 teachers would be imparted training under the programme. He said Britain would also play a role in the health sector. Dr Tibber said there was a joint UK-Pakistan Task Force which was making efforts for reforms in education sector. Britain, he said, was also going to incentivise parents choice for education. He said the Brituish Council was going to make provision for higher and technical education. Answering a question, he said an Economic Opportunities Programme was going to be launched in South Punjab. Four districts would be focused for the purpose. For the promotion of technical education, he said, Britain would join hands with the government agency set up for his purpose. Answering another question, Dr Tibber said the British prime minister during his recent visit to Pakistan had said in clear terms that ties between the UK and Pakistan were unbreakable. What we are doing in Pakistan is in its interest; it is in our interest too, the diplomat said of the assistance being given to Pakistan. The British diplomats also called on Punjab Education Minister Mian Mujtaba Shauja-ur-Rehman and exchanged views on reforms in the education sector. The minister said the Punjab government had declared education and health as its top priority.