Former President George Bush invaded Iraq and occupied it. Millions of Iraqis fled the motherland. Tens of thousands were killed. The Iraqi infrastructure was devastated horrifically. Iraqs cries hit the skies. The skies were deaf. Iraq needs truckful of gold for reconstructing its devastated infrastructure. It might be able to reconstruct the infrastructure during the next centuries. But it cannot 'reconstruct, even a single Iraqi killed by America. It means that it cannot reanimate a single Iraqi corpse, even if all the gold in the world was available to it. Iraq might be feeling that its devastated infrastructure and the dead bodies of the Iraqis were presented by America to Israel as gifts. What George Bush did to Iraq, President Obama has been doing to Afghanistan. Afghanistans infrastructure is destroyed by America. Thousands of Afghanis have fled the country. Numerous innocent Afghanis are killed by the drones. When an Afghan is killed by a drone, his dead body lies on the ground with the eyes wide open looking at the killer. The drone enjoys looking back at its prey and is proud of its performance. It is universally believed that the drones have killed innumerable innocent Afghani men, women and children. But the drones reject this belief. They firmly believe that there has never been in the world such a thing as an innocent Afghani. Unbelievably, Obama has announced to withdraw from Afghanistan. The declaration must have thrilled the American soldiers, but depressed the drones. The soldiers would dance jubilantly when back home. But what would the drones do back home? In Afghanistan, they have become addicted to killing innocent human beings. Their addiction must be fed or they could die of starvation. President Obama must be in love with the drones. He must be prepared to do anything which could save the drones from frustration. Probably, the drones are whispering into Obamas ears: O Supreme Master, please dont let us sit idle in America. We are born to kill every non-American whom America hates. Please, let us kill Col. Gaddafi. Let us kill Al-Asad. You name any non-American who is a thorn in Americas thigh, we would present his dead body to you. Americas occupation of Afghanistan created terrorism in the region. The terrorism has been hitting Pakistan the hardest. Pakistan has been hitting back with all its might. Pakistan has suffered immensely. But American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is not satisfied with the losses which Pakistan has suffered. She has accused Pakistan of not doing 'enough. Her 'enough means that Pakistan is not doing 'enough for its own total destruction. Obama has declared to withdraw from Afghanistan. If he withdraws, the withdrawal would re-crown the Taliban as Afghanistans rulers. In such circumstances, would the terrorism abate or intensify? Nothing can be said with a certainty. The uncertainty is killing. While pursuing Osama in Afghanistan, America relentlessly bombed Afghanistan for years. The bombing caused immense destruction. America promised that before leaving Afghanistan it would reconstruct whatever it had destroyed. Obama has announced Americas departure from Afghanistan. But America has not reconstructed what it destroyed. The promise is unfulfilled. Afghanistan is miserable. It is asking Obama: What about the reconstruction promise? What a stupid question Afghanistan should know that America is a supreme power and being a supreme power it is not at all obliged to honour its promises. If America were to fulfill its promise, it would humiliate itself. And America as a supreme power cannot afford self-humiliation. Pakistan has been miserably wobbling. Pakistans instability is as old as its friendship with America. As the friendship grew, the instability grew. Now, Pakistan has become so addicted to its instability that it cannot survive without its instability. America is the guardian angel of Pakistans instability. n The writer is an academic.