MANDI BAHAUDDIN - Over two lakh city dwellers are facing immense traffic problems and traffic accidents have become a routine on account of deep slumber of the traffic police, learnt this scribe. The ratio of traffic mishaps has almost doubled during the current year. Similar situation could be scene outside the other leading markets of the city, traffic jams at College Chowk, Cheema Chowk, Old Rasool Road Railway crossing, TMA Square, Gurah Chowk have become order of the day due to incapability of traffic police. The traffic police department is still not looking serious to address the complaints of the motorists, traders and the people visiting the markets for shopping as no strategy has been devised so far to resolve the traffic issue. The authorities have continued to ignore the problems being caused by unchecked violations by public transport vehicles as both the city buses and tempos continue to stop for picking up or dropping commuters anywhere on the road except at the designated stops. Overloading and overcharging in public transport on almost all routes leading to Islamabad, Lahore and other destinations in connivance of traffic police high-ups. The citizen and public circles have called upon DPO Ali Khattak to take action against lazy officials.