Please see how our Arab Emiratesare indulging in show business and wasting public money on such costly projects. The tragedy is that they themselves are unable to build any structure, project,buildings, parks, planes and helicopters, tanks and ammunitionsetc. and depend on foreigners. Neither they train or educate their own people to become learned people, scientists, architects, builders, engineers, planners and executors, doctors and specialists, etc. They keep gold plated cars. They could help the poor Muslim countries with their wealth and do social and community service on large scalethroughout the world. But they are dictators with no public participation andwith no democracy. Now a days there is widespread discontentment againstall the dictatorial regimes as in Libya, Yemen, Syria etc. and killings are going on. All these countries belong to the people and there is no concept of Kings, Amirs, permanent Presidents, etc. in Islam. We should support the democratic struggle of the people towhom the land actually belongs. SYED SADRUDDIN HUSSAIN, Canada, June 30.