Punjab Minister for Prisons Ch Abdul Waheed Arrain has disclosed that the government has decided to grant Rs10 billion subsidy on Nitrogenic and Phosphoric fertilizers with a view to boost yield and offering support to the farmers.

Talking to a delegation of farmers here on Monday, he added that the fertilizers to be subsidised included Urea and DAP. He hoped that said that the country would produce more than 15 million bales during this season because of subsidized fertilizers. “The government has given top priority to agricultural research, evolving new heat-resistant varieties and supplying in puts timely,” he added.

It may not be out of place to mention here that the fertilizer consumption in the country has increased threefold during the past 30 years. It reached one million nutrient tones in 1980/81, two million tons in 1992/93 and three million tons in 2002/03. Nitrogen accounts for 78 per cent of the total nutrients, phosphate for 21 per cent and potash for less than one per cent.