Now that the armed forces have declared an all out war against the terrorists, it is imperative that all political parties show unity with our troops and forget their differences. The Prime Minister should take the initiative and accept PTI’s demand of voters verification in four constituencies, even if it means sacrificing his colleagues. He must make the effort to clear his name. This one act will lower the political temperature significantly. If rigging is established, all those involved should be given exemplary punishment to deter others from following the dictates of their political masters and stealing the mandate of the people in the future.

The Chief Justice should also take immediate notice and ensure that the tribunals and high courts complete all the election disputes within one month. All those not completed should be punished. Since NADRA’s role has become dubious, what with the change of its Chairman and recent media reports, a special cell should be created with the involvement of serving armed forces personnel to oversee voter verification, even if it involves an amendment in rules. A wartime situation requires wartime measures to survive.


Islamabad, June 16.