Sombrero tweet cause storm

Dutch airline KLM deleted a tweet featuring a picture of a sombrero and a moustache after the Netherlands beat Mexico and saying 'Adios Amigos'. It quickly sparked a storm with many saying it was racist. "Planning your exit out of South American soon, slave traders," said one angry twitter user. The offending tweet featured an airport "Departures" sign and a sombrero, moustache and serape blanket.

FaceBbook scores 1b interactions

With 1 billion posts, likes and comments in just the first half of the World Cup, the event is already the most talked-about event in Facebook's decade-long history, data obtained by Reuters showed. The soccer conversation measured between June 12 and June 29 involved 220 million people and 1 billion interactions. And since the ball will be rolling for another two weeks, the tournament is set to break new records.

Stressed fan smashes TV

Ah, World Cup penalty shootouts. The mad dash to find somewhere else to watch the final minutes after you smash your TV. That, at least, was the experience of a Brazilian fan, who was so overcome with emotion while watching Brazil penalty shootout that he smashed his own TV set. A video of his outburst has been shared 34,000 times on Facebook and been viewed more than 36,000 times on YouTube.

Cup for white and wealthy

Most Brazilians attending World Cup matches are white and wealthy, said a survey published Sunday. Of the Brazilian fans attending Saturday's round of 16 match between the host nation and Chile, 75 percent were men, 67 percent were white and 90 percent were middle-class or wealthier. Only nine percent of Brazilian fans were from the so-called "C Class," which now covers 49 percent of Brazil's population.

Neymar mania gets to heads

Anderson Guimaraes walked into a barber shop decorated with Brazil flags to get the latest popular hairstyle in Rio's slums: The face of football star Neymar sculpted in the back of his head. World Cup fever and ‘Neymarmania’ have literally gotten to some Brazilians' heads. Fourteen barbers work seven days a week at the barbershop lying between the Manguinhos and Jacarezinho favelas.

Doggy support

With Sao Paulo gripped in World Cup fever, all sorts of people are adorned in yellow and green Brazil team gear. But dogs? At Parque Trainon, dog owners appear to have imposed their loyalties on their four-legged friends. Dogs of all shapes and sizes have been spotted with Brazilian flags around their collars, capes over the shoulders, even hats wrapped around their floppy ears.