ISLAMABAD  - Pakistan Trade exhibition will be organized in Dubai under the patronage of Ambassador Javed Malik’s office in coordination with Islamabad Chamber of commerce and Trade Development Authority of Pakistan, in addition to establishing of Pakistan-UAE business Forum.

A delegation of businessmen led by vice President Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI), Munnawar Mughal called on Prime Minister’s Special Envoy Ambassador Javed Malik in UAE, said a statement received here on Monday.

While welcoming the delegation in the UAE, Ambassador Javed Malik highlighted the importance of expanding the business to business interaction between the business communities of both countries.

He said that there is a huge potential of further enhancement of the business, trade and commerce relations between Pakistan and United Arab Emirates.

“Our business communities can play a vital role in this regard, particularly in exploring ways to expand our trade with UAE and the Gulf region”, he added.

Ambassador Javed Malik pointed out that in view of the evolving dynamics of modern economies, countries are now adopting a ``regional approach” towards trade, and as such he recommended that FPCCI may establish a dedicated body with that focuses on the gulf region with a clear mandate to identify areas in which Pakistani exports can be further increased and trade can be upgraded.

Responding to a question about exporting manpower to the UAE and Gulf region, Ambassador Javed Malik said that “the marketplace in UAE and Gulf region seeks skilled manpower that has the expertise and the exposure to international environment.

Therefore, he said that it was essential that FPCCI, TDAP and the Ministry of HRD and Overseas Pakistanis should work together in establishing modern skill and training centers that provide the training to potential candidates who wish to seek employment overseas so that we can get a greater share in the market place.