KARACHI - Pakistan Medical Association Karachi Executive Committee is extremely concerned about the existing situation at DOW University of Health Sciences after the suspension of Vice Chancellor by the Sindh High Court.

In a meeting held at PMA House Karachi, the Executive Committee unanimously passed a resolution and demanded for immediate appointment of VC to deal with the affairs of the university.

The Executive Committee demanded that the vice chancellor should be appointed purely on merit who could manage the affairs without fear and pressure.

 It will be only possible when government strictly select a Vice Chancellor on merit without political interference.

The committee also demanded that the new vice chancellor should be appointed as full time Vice Chancellor who should not get involved in private practice of any kind. The university should pay him enough salary to keep him away from private practice and other activities, it was demanded. It was also suggested that new Vice Chancellor should allow professors and faculty members to organise their staff union and advice VCs to improve academic environment at DUHS. The Executive Committee also suggested revising the career structure of faculty members and all heads of the departments should work on full time basis.

The Executive Committee showed its concern about lack of faculty in different departments and it is alarming to see that DMC and DIMC are not fulfilling the criteria of PMDC. The Executive Committee also demanded that the DUHS should transfer the entire asset and funding of Sindh Medical College to newly formed Medical University at Jinnah hospital and Sindh Medical College.