The district police have issued a security plan for the holy month of Ramazan, banning parking around Ramazan and Sunday bazaars throughout the month.

Talking to the media men here, DPO Syed Khuram Ali said that the security plan was finalised and it was decided that from half hour prior to the end of Sehri till the end of Fajr prayers and from half hour prior to the Iftari till the end of Taraweeh prayers, 441 police officials would perform their duties in Mosques, and Imambargahs across the district.

According to the proposed Ramazan security plan, all surrounding areas of Ramazan and Sunday bazaars would be marked as no parking areas and vehicles would not be allowed to park there, he added.

He said that during Ramazan, 20 Sub-Inspectors, 63 ASI, 30 Head constables and 328 constables along with private security guards and volunteers would perform security duties. He said that display of arms and use of loudspeaker was completely banned during Ramazan.

He strictly ordered the police officials that checking of every person entering the mosque or Imambargah should be ensured with metal detectors, whereas thorough checking of suspicious people should be done at all entry and exit points. The DPO asked the officers to ensure effective patrolling by elite force in all areas to provide back up to the police personnel.

“All those who will showing negligence and laziness in perform of duty shall consider themselves fired from the service” the DPO warned the officials of the district police.