KARACHI - Writers, musicians, designers and theatre arts supporters on Monday launched Centre of International Theatre Institute (ITI) in Karachi.

The institute came into being at a meeting of theatre practitioners and supporters, held within Tehrik-e-Niswan premises and was attended by a good number of theatre artists, in order to launch the Pakistan Centre of the ITI.

In this first meeting, the Organising Board members elected Hoori Noorani as General Secretary unanimously.

The institute has invited all theatre practitioners, organisations and persons belonging to the performing arts in any capacity to join this Centre, set up chapters in their cities and become part of this global network.

The headquarters of International Theatre Institute (ITI) is located in Paris, working under the umbrella of Unesco. The ITI uses the power of the performing arts as an indispensable bridge-builder for mutual international understanding and peace to supports and highlights the deep discourse taking place on our stages.

The institute aimed to focus on art production and advocates for the practice of performing arts on every level, to support politically, culturally, educationally, socially, and encourages transference of knowledge and research in the performing arts. Beside that, the institute will help performing arts professionals share ideas and build connections with each other; nurtures, develops and connects international performing arts professionals; and facilitates one-on-one communication between centres and fosters active projects between countries as well as to acknowledges the legacy of traditional work forms and embraces innovation.

The ITI will also support through its network the protection and promotion of cultural diversity and identity within the performing arts.