Though we as a nation are susceptible to forget even the most horrendous incident within a short span of time but those who are interested in political affairs need not have an elephant’s memory to remember that not long ago, Altaf Hussain advised his men to sell whatever they posses and buy ammunition. On number of occasions he has challenged the writ of the state. It’s really astonishing why MQM is deemed to be a political entity or party at all? In fact, it’s the embodiment of terrorism and has many skeletons in its cupboard.

The fact that MQM is no less dangerous than many different terrorist outfits operating in our country, almost thirty years have elapsed and Karachi is still under the thumb of Altaf Hussain. He has enough power to bring the metropolis to a grinding halt as and when he desires, simply by giving a call. Enough is enough, now MQM is teetering on the edge of political disaster. The recent  report by BBC has unequivocal proof that the party is funded by India and Altaf’s men are operating in collusion with RAW.

Now it’s the duty of our government to ask BBC to substantiate the allegations it has levelled against Altaf Hussain and if the proofs is provided and proved the MQM stalwarts can and should be tried for treason and given exemplary punishments. On the other hand if Altaf Hussain’s hands are not steeped in blood he should file a suit against BBC for slandering him. But perhaps he is well versed with British laws and knows that BBC never reports anything without watertight proofs.


Wah Cantt, June 27.