Karachi has been in the grip of unprecedented heat wave the soaring temperatures has risen to a dangerous level breaking record. Massive load shedding coupled with severe paucity of water has further aggravated the already grave situation and has increased the miseries of the suffering millions manifold. The Karachites have been braving problems now for two decades.

The recent burgeoning heat wave that has devoured so many innocent lives has left the already battered residents of Karachi in a state of shock. They are bewildered and do not know as to what fate has in store for them after this tragedy. One cannot remain without taking stock of the failure of the civil administration to effectively cope with the multifarious problems of this crisis-stricken city.

The persistent water scarcity, the water tanker mafia continues to make life miserable and water is being sold at shamelessly exorbitant rates. Yet another failure of the civil administration is the low capacity of the public hospitals to handle crisis of such magnitude and provide appropriate medical aid to the affected people. The morgues at the hospitals proved inadequate.

It is indeed encouraging to note that the Prime Minister of Pakistan has issued directives to the provincial administration to take immediate cognisance of the deteriorating Karachi situation. He has asked those in the administration to take immediate and tangible measures to alleviate the sufferings and provide them relief that they so badly need. The people of Karachi deserve better treatment. They have every right to expect a peaceful life.


Islamabad, June 26.