Mr. Imran Khan states that another Chashma right bank canal would be built for KPK. There is one existing Chashma bank canal on the map which irrigates 3.8 lac lands in KPK albeit by lift irrigation by as much as 64 ft. height by subsidizing 6000 to 10000 Rs. per acre. The only right bank canal that could be built is from right bank of KBD which can irrigate 8 lac acres of land in D.I. Khan by gravity system. One must not forget that Chashma is a barrage and not a dam like KBD which would have a total capacity of 6.1 MAF of water. Chashma barrage’s total capacity is 0.8 MAF of water. How could another right bank canal could be made from Chashma barrage. Federal CDWP is against this unfeasible project. Imran Khan may clarify as to from whom water would be available for a second Chashma right bank canal and who would finance it? Maulana Fazal-ul-Rehman often speaks of irrigating vast tracts of land in D.I. Khan without specifying the source of water. This point ought to be explained to make the case crystal clear as what do we mean by a second Chashma right bank canal when we speak of it.


Lahore, June 2.