Attention Mr. Fawad Yousafzai,

I have read in Daily Nation today the 30th June, 2016 your report which has been captioned as “PPP assails Wapda chairman over KBD columns”.

You have reported that Nafeesa Shah, MNA in the meeting of National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Planning/Development and Reforms stated, “it is regrettable that Wapda chairman is writing articles in favor of construction of controversial KBD”. And after stating that 3 provincial assemblies had adopted resolutions against the construction, she pointed out (not only to the chairman Wapda but to all the public servants) that “you are a public servant and a sitting chairman and therefore cannot write on the controversial issue”.

I am surprised that a well educated Parliamentarian from Sindh considers that public servants cannot write articles.

It should be remembered that public servants are not government servants. They serve the public and the State of Pakistan and not any particular government. In the capacity as public servants, they are bound to bring the truth to the attention of the nation for their benefit.

Public servant is paid from the taxes given by the people of Pakistan and not by the politicians or the assemblies.

As for three provincial assemblies against the construction, a resolution does not represent the will of the assembly and is no more than a recommendation. Moreover it is passed by the majority of the members present. As construction of a dam primarily fall within the jurisdiction of federation, it is imminently important to see if the federal legislature also have passed any resolution in line with the three provincial legislatures; although even that would be fourth recommendation.

It is government in power which took the stand as MNA from Sindh has taken and she is in opposition in the National Assembly. Opposition resist such tendencies from the government and has never supported it which will at this moment is in opposition in the National Assembly.

Quaid-i-Azam while addressing the civil servants particularly reminded them that “you are not to serve any political party or any government but only the people who are your masters”.

Unfortunately such fascism had played havoc with the ‘steel frame of India’ and today public servant is being named as corrupt sultans of Pakistan. Time has come to change this mindset. I have read all the articles of chairman Wapda and found them extremely informative. I am thankful to him and appreciate particularly ‘Nation’ and urdu media for disseminating such vital information by publishing these articles. I wish the other English medium newspapers had also included these articles in their esteemed newspapers.


June 30.