Recently a video and some pictures surfaced on the internet of a man lying dead in Haram shareef. Apparently the man had committed suicide while the taraveeh prayer were commencing. This shows that no matter where you are, who you are, You can be at the holiest place on Earth and still cannot hide from the depression. It will find you unless you seek medical help. 

Mental depression in Pakistan is not considered an illness at all. The rise of depression, anxiety is on a greater level than it ever was. There is a social stigma attached to depression that it can be cured with spirituality and such. Which can be helpful in some cases but not all. This incident proves that you can be at the holiest place performing taraveeh but still this illness can get you. 

I’m so devastated by this news. Many people are suffering from depression and anxiety. Not much has been done regarding this issue. We should spread awareness by conducting programs and talk show etc, and try to reduce the death counts which is on the rise. 


Karachi, June 10.