Milk is the primary source of nutrition for people. It is an essential part of our daily diet. From using it as an inseparable ingredient in our delicious Asian deserts or just drinking it and complimenting it with one’s favourite flavour in the morning, our lifestyle is wholly surrounded by milk and other dairy products. But these days, there is no food on earth which could be called “natural”, “organic” or “chemical free”. These are just marketing strategies to attract consumers to buy their designated products. In this manner, early this year one of the most prestigious organisations of recent times such as Punjab Food Authority (PFA) keeping health and safety of food as their core motives has disposed of 4,195 litres contaminated milk. It continues to do grand operation against adulterators to make Punjab free of adulteration. Adding chemicals, powder, urea, caustic soda and Banaspati ghee in it was producing adulterated milk. With that, it has also taken the initiative towards the eradication of adulterated milk and milk adulteration mafias who for a few pennies risking their fellow people’ lives. As an informed Pakistani, I ask everybody to put their health as their priority and be careful before drinking milk, because if there is life then there is the world.