LAHORE           -        Governor Punjab Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar has said that where the opposition parties, who were claiming that the federal budget will not be passed?  The opposition’s agenda is nothing but to prevent accountability but it will never happen. 

He was talking to Dr Akhtar Malik, Provincial Minister for Energy Punjab at the Governor House Lahore on Tuesday. During the meeting, other matters including government and political issues were also discussed.

Governor Punjab said that approval is proof that the coalition and the government are on the same page and the opposition is failing on all fronts.

I congratulate Prime Minister Imran Khan and his team on the approval of the budget and assure the people that for their development and prosperity resources will be used.

 He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan wants to take the country forward and the opposition back but we will not allow them to succeed under any circumstances.

We are pursuing the politics of principles and vision and will not back down and have not compromised on public interest.

Governor Punjab said that the attitude of scoring political points should be abandoned by the opposition.

Today, the government is taking steps to deal with other economic and other challenges facing Pakistan due to corona.  He said that the war against Corona is a war of 220 million Pakistanis including the government and political parties.

He said that only corona can be saved and defeated through other security measures including masks.

Provincial Minister for Energy Dr Akhtar Malik said that the government in the federation and Punjab has given a people-friendly tax-free budget in spite of all difficulties, but the opposition is criticizing it for making political shopkeepers shine without reading this budget.

He said the people know that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s mission is only and only Pakistan.

The Prime Minister is working for development and prosperity while the opposition is busy defending its interests which will never succeed.