There have been many fatal airline accidents in our country. Such unfortunate disasters could be a function of many reasons such as technical faults in planes, human error attributed to pilots, ground staff or both. It could also be poor infrastructure such as runways and control towers with up to date technology. Although after every unfortunate incident, an inquiry is announced by the government, no report is ever released, nor are any concrete steps taken to avoid similar disasters in the future. Pilots are sluggish, our airports in many cities are located dangerously close to congested populated areas and runways are not well kept.

The recent crash of the PIA plane at Karachi seems to be the negligence of the pilot as well as oversight of control tower staff. Such careless behaviour can cause hundreds of fatalities. It might be due to the lack of continuous training, or the lack of frequent evaluations of the physical and mental abilities of the air and ground staff. However what is important is that yet again, lives have been lost because we fail to implement and follow quality training and appraisal procedures in place.

The government must take corrective steps on an urgent basis. It must ensure proper training and testing of airline and CAA staff. It must also ensure that airports are well kept with proper runways complying to international safety standards. May Allah grant wisdom to our political leaders who serve their own purpose at the cost of human lives.