PESHAWAR            -         The Khyber Pakh­tunkhwa Local Govern­ment Department has issued a notification for the establishment of 5 new tehsil municipal ad­ministrations (TMAs) in the province.

Commenting on the formation of new TMAs, Kamran Bangash, Special Assistant to the Chief Min­ister for Local Govern­ment, said that the pur­pose of establishing New TMAs was at provide best services to the people.

In this regard, a notifi­cation has also been is­sued on the special di­rective of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Min­ister. He said the new TMAs would make the lo­cal government facilities and services more effi­cient enabling the people to have access to clean water, good drainage and sanitation services at their doorstep.

Kamran Bangash clari­fied that new TMAs have been set up in Tehsil Seo Kohistan, Tehsil Khaduk­hel Buner, Tehsil Martong, Tehsil Ghazni Khel Laki and Tehsil Chagarzai Bun­er. He said the authorities are also analyzing other areas of the province to establish more municipal administrations.

Kamran Bangash said that work is going on day and night regard­ing local body services in the province. He said that new TMAs would become functional from July 1, 2020.