DIR LWOER           -        Security guard Iftikhar Wahid - the brave son of the soil of Dir, fought the terrorists till his last breath on Tuesday stopping them from entering the main premises of the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) Karachi and laid down his life for the motherland's sake.He was performing security duty at the main entrance gate when the terrorists attacked the PSX building. Despite getting a bullet in the shoulder, he kept the terrorists engaged for quite some time, firing on them from behind his security cabin.

The bravery of the aging security guard could not be described in words. Five children, one of them crippled and disabled, could not dampen his spirit and determination to foil the nefarious designs of the country’s enemies.

His valiant retaliation frustrated the terrorists from the very start as they were running in helter-skelter with their focus lost. They were not expecting such a reprisal from an ordinary security guard, who had checked their attack at the first check point, and resultantly they all were killed at the entrance of the compound. Iftikhar received three bullets on the chest, one each on the back and hand, and two on shoulders. Despite receiving bullets on his body, he fought the terrorists till his last breath.

His valiant action averted a big attempt of sabotage as had the terrorists entered the PSE building, there would have been great loss of life.

Iftikhar Wahid, who belonged to Ouch village of Lower Dir, had been in Karachi for long working as a security guard and was going to retire in a few days.

People in large numbers are visiting his residence to offer Fateha for his departed soul and pay homage to the brave son of the soil. They have demanded a “Shaheed package” for the martyred and other support from the government for his bereaved family of six.