Attock          -       Police have arrested an accused allegedly involved in raping of a mentally retarded teenage girl in the jurisdiction of Pindigheb police station. FIR under the relevant acts has been registered against him and he has been sent behind the bars. As per details,KhalidaParveen told police that she was married in 2002 and got separated from her husband in 2010 and since then has been living alone with her daughter who is mentally ill. She further told police that her daughter mostly quarrels with her and remained missing from the house. Almost twoweeks ago, she swallowed poisonous pills but survived because of timely medically treatment. KhalidaParveen said that on 23/6/2020, her daughter quarrelled with her and disappeared and was later found on Mianwala road. She was brought home with the help of police but on the same night at about 11:30pm, her daughter exchangedharsh words with her and left home and was later found by Hasanabdal police and was shifted to THQ Hasanabdal as her condition was not stable. Khalida said that her brother in law Faisal Sheikh and Shahzad Shah later brought her home from Hasanabdal but as her condition was not stable she was taken to THQ Pindigheb. Khalida said that next day her daughter told her that Shahbaz r/o Akhlas took her somewhere and raped her. Police on the complaint of the victim’s mother have arrested the accused and sent him behind the bars. FIR under the relevant act has been registered against the accused and started further investigation.