India has had a history of locking horns with smaller neighbours, but under the belligerent leadership of PM Modi, it has completely abandoned its secular legacy and continued to show an arrogant and aggressive posture toward neighbouring countries. Emboldened by his military size, Modi deprived Kashmir of its autonomous status and unleashed series of brutalities and started attempts to gnawing the territories of smaller neighbours like Nepal. Ultimately it provoked its neighbouring giant China, forgetting the 1962 drabbing from the latter.

India made this move, expecting salient support from Trump. The phenomenal rise of China as an economic giant has put monumental challenge to USA which was accustomed to being the sole superpower of the world. Hitherto all attempts by USA to contain China have failed including blaming it for creating the coronavirus and spreading to rest of the wider world. But China as an astute responsible power reacted maturely. However, in response to Indian intrusion when China started deploying the army on its side, a pall of hush enveloped India. BJP leaders who regularly fume to bash and threaten Pakistan turned peaceniks overnight. Majority of Indian electronic media who run 24-hour campaign to malign, threaten and ridicule Pakistan also went into hibernation on China. When pressed hard for reaction, the Indian leadership and media reacted in a very humble and subdued way.

The humbling by China has helped India to return to its nonviolent Gandhian trappings. When it comes to China, India wants to resolve all disputes with peaceful means and its civilians and military bigwigs who were roaring when talking about Pakistan, now have become benign lambs vying for peaceful coexistence. Hopefully after being humbled by China and consequential return of the belligerent government of Modi to Gandhisim, Indian pigeon of peace should extend their goodwill to all neighbours beyond China and curbs on Kashmiris should be lifted.This will help in lifting the stature of India and bring peace and prosperity in the region which houses the largest segment of population below the poverty line.